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January 21, 2013 in Nanoblock Events

Hey Nanoblock Fans! As you all know, ‘Nanoblock Fan Page’ runs a few different operations to keep Nanoblock fans satisfied. We have our Twitter, Facebook, Web Shop and also this very site too mainly to keep up an updated database/list of Nanoblock products. Also, we try to do our best to post all the bigger news on this very website but for the Fans who do not know, if you want all the latest and greatest Nanoblock pictures and news, definitely LIKE us on Facebook. This is where we do most of our updates! Definitely check it out if you have time!

At the same time, I would like to inform about a few good news from the Nanoblock world!

(1) Valentine’s Day special Nanoblocks are selling now in Japan! We plan to try to put these up on our Web Shop soon! Definitely stay tune!
(2) Did you know Nanoblock USA’s Nanoblock advisement made it as a finalist on the USA Today Print Ad competition? Very cool!
(3) Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, the second non-Japan release, Taiwan exclusive Sights to See Collection item is out in Taiwan! For people who are interested, we are taking pre-orders still on our web shop!
(4) USA exclusive, baboon’s packaging photo has surfaced thanks to our fan ‘egghead.’ Check out our FB page for a picture!
(5) Last but not least, Nanoblock Fan Page does have a Web Shop as just indicated, we have been adding various items lately such as the Sengoku Military Commander Series, Sports Series, etc. These are somewhat uncommon items so we decided it would be good to put them up for fans outside of Japan!